We had a couple of hours before our recent flight home, so we looked at the duty free shops at Bangkok’s International Suvarnabhumi Airport.
We were fascinated by the cigarette packaging. Per Wikipedia, “In Thailand, a variety of warnings with graphic, disturbing images of tobacco-related harms (including a tracheotomy and rotting teeth) are placed prominently on cigarette packages. A recent study showed that the warnings made Thai smokers think more often about the health risks of smoking and about quitting smoking.”
I am wondering how this packaging approach could be applied in the United States. With our cigarette packaging, to begin with. But how about Twinkies? Potato chips? Cookies and cakes? Processed meats and poultry. Anything with high fructose corn syrup. Anything with more preservatives than real ingredients. Genetically modified foods? Would people reconsider what they were buying and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables instead?
I would love to design that project.

One response to “Warnings”

  1. MAN, WHAT A SHOCKER! Jane, we do see fat asses right in front of us at the grocery store every day – does it make us “not” buy the ice cream? No, it makes me go for a run, hit the weights and then teach a ball class! Though I completely support your thought – I just think most “americans” have become desensitized.

    Oh, have I thanked you for the AMAZING photos and stories 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!