The two curious camera incidents

We left Kolkata early for the short flight to Paro, Bhutan. Before landing the pilot warned us not to be nervous, that we would be flying lower than the mountains around us then turning left on approach to the airport. Yikes!

Everything went smoothly and after we slowly went through customs, we were met by our guide Thinley to take us to our hotel for the next two nights, the Paro Village Lodge. We were dropped by the road and to get to hotel walked on a small path through the rice fields to the hotel.  We were greeting with scented towels, tea and a snack of puffed rice before our lunch.

I always photograph food and today was no different. The meal began with a small bowl of creamy vegetable soup which was served steaming hot. I took the first shot and decided to re frame on the next one when I accidently dropped the camera right into the soup. We immediately wiped off the camera and asked the kitchen for a bowl of rice to immerse the camera in. It’s supposed to work with cell phones so hopefully it will with hot soup!

The next morning the camera seemed fine. I did some test pictures and it worked. But since I had two cameras on the trip, I decided to bring both on our hike to the Tiger Nest Monastery. I would shoot with both cameras (as insurance) and hopefully get good shots with one or the other. So off we went. Taktshang Goemba was fantastic and we spent time in three different “chapels.” It’s a 5 hour RT hike but with our group we took our time. We always are taking photos. The weather alternated between gray clouds and rain so we had our rain jackets on and off all day. Juggling two cameras isn’t easy so I either held both cameras in each hand or had one in my pocket. On the way down I bent over to roll up my pants cuffs and I heard one of the cameras fall out and bounce down. I looked up to see where it had fallen and realized it had fallen over a cliff into the shrubs below. I looked for a way down but it seemed impossible. I didn’t want to move from the spot so I called out to Francois who was ahead of me. He came back and soon a small group formed. Thinley came back volunteered to try and find my camera. Thinley and another man climbed down and not even five minutes later called out that he had found my camera.

I couldn’t believe it. Two camera incidents in two days. Will there be a superstitious third?

Stay tuned…