The Thai Massage

Near our Skytrain station we saw nice spa called  Urban Retreat with a sign for Thai Massage for 350 Baht, or approx. $11.50. We decided to go. I’ve had a little Thai massage before in Tucson, usually in combination with a manual lymph drainage massage, but never for a full hour. It was wonderful. My masseuse was Nang and I couldn’t believe how strong she was.

What I like about having a massage is to daydream. Today was no different. There was soft music playing and the second song was Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. I drifted back to when I was 14 years old, playing that piece in a recital at Butterworth Center in Moline, Illinois. I remembered how terrified I was to perform in front of an audience. At one point while I was playing the second movement, I couldn’t remember how the third began and I had a momentary panic. The strange thing is that I played it correctly. It just happened, like an out of body experience.

A little while later, after my back cracked, I drifted next to Tucson thinking of our amazing chiropractor Dr. Brien Roussel at Backfire and how much we miss him. If you have never gone to him, you should.

Then Nang was working on my legs and there was pain in my IT band. I travelled to Tucson again but this time to Mary Ann Santander and her ball class at Bodyworks Studio. Sometimes in class, we use Yamuna balls to self massage and we always manage to feel the same pain. We always miss Tucson and our friends, but we especially miss Mary Ann and the ball class. We have never found a class in the midwest that comes close.

If you are ever in Bangkok I highly recommend this spa. It is very near our hotel, the Park Plaza, which is fabulous as well. Urban Retreat has 3 locations and is open from 10-10 daily.

Near the end of the massage Nang was massaging my head and then worked on my ears. I thought about the Ear book that Francois and I need to finish when we return home. We have had a wonderful trip but I am beginning to see the completion of our journey.

3 responses to “The Thai Massage”

  1. Ahhhhhh, again, thanks for taking us with you – I am sooo enjoying this 🙂 And, we miss you too – everyone asked about you guys on Saturday – Enjoy the rest of your journey!

  2. While you described your daydreaming massage, I felt as if I were under the spell of your masseuse. Thank you for that momentary diversion. And thank you for the wonderful pictures you are sharing. I so want to be there with you guys!
    Love you and miss you both,