We traveled a lot over the 12 days that we were in Bhutan. We saw many sights and witnessed two festivals, the second one being the “Blessed Rainy day” festival which marks the end of the monsoon. On this day all natural water sources are blessed. It is believed that by bathing early in the morning it rids one of disease, bad luck and bad karma. We witnessed the festival in Jakar for a couple of hours, which begins with a bonfire that is blessed by monks, then ignited, that people run around three times to improve karma.

Bhutanese make special biscuits of fried dough in special shapes called Khabzey for this festival. I guess our equivalent would be a special Christmas cookie. When we got back to the Paro Lodge after a 2 day drive from Bumthang, we were served khabzey and tea. They are beautiful, intricately shaped pieces of dough. Ours were braided leaf and star shapes. I can’t even imagine making them, but I might try.