The Bhutan national dish is called  “Ema Datshi”, which is chilies and cheese made with green, and sometimes red chilies, always hot, with finely minced onion, garlic, tomatoes and cheese served as a vegetable, not as a condiment. I’m not particularly adventurous when it comes to food. I eat the same thing every morning (coffee and toast with cenovis) and I could do the same with lunch and dinner. But this summer I discovered a passion for chilies. Well, mostly, with the exception of green bell peppers which I detest. Every time I went to the farmers market, I was drawn to the mounds of colorful peppers on the tables. My favorite dish at Stop 50 is the stuffed pepper appetizer. I made a spicy pepper relish. So I have been thrilled to discover Ema Datshi. At the Village Lodge I asked if I could watch the chef prepare the dish so that I can make it at home. I doubt that mine will taste the same and it definitely won’t be as hot, but chilies and cheese my way, with tortilla chips and a margarita will be delicious.

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