I came from lunch yesterday to find a mysterious package from Switzerland on the counter. What could it be? I hadn’t ordered anything recently from Switzerland. Could it be a present?

It turned out to be a wonderful gift from the makers of Cenovis. I received a tube of Cenovis, along with a wonderful book called “So Sweet Zerland” , a letter and a certificate. Cenovis is starting a museum called “The Children of Cenovis” and invited me to participate by sending something to the museum.

my gift
du pain, du beurre et…

Why me? I’m a very good customer of theirs. I buy a lot of Cenovis. I mean, a lot. The last time I ordered 12 large jars. I eat it every day at breakfast on a piece of toast. The ultimate way to eat Cenovis would be with my favorite baguette, La Flute Gana from a bakery in Paris, and fresh butter. I might have to plan a trip to Paris just thinking about it! According to the package, “Du pain, du beurre, et…” It used to be that before I left for a long trip it was the last thing I had. Upon my return it would be the first thing I ate. Now I just bring a jar along. I guess you could say that Cenovis is addictive.

I buy a dozen jars at a time

It’s been said that you will either love it or hate it. I love it. I’m sure most of you have heard of British Marmite and Australian Vegemite. Cenovis is the Swiss version of those spreads. Cenovis was created in 1931, a by-product of the beer fermentation process. It is made from yeast extract, vegetables (carrots and onions)and salt and is exceptionally high in vitamin B1. It can be added to soups or sauces or salads, anything that might use bouillon. Sounds awful, right? Not at all.


I loved it the first time Francois introduced it to me. We usually describe it as an acquired taste. I didn’t grow up with it, but I have enjoyed it now for almost half of my life. Even our cat Walnut loves it. He doesn’t eat any other human food except for Cenovis.

I love their tag line “The SwissCeno shop is managed by the “Children of Cenovis”, a large family of the Loyal and Unconditional to the heavenly spread, in Switzerland and throughout the world.”

How true!