Around the world in 30 days

Around the World in 30 days? You bet. it will be a fun journey and over too soon!

I love to travel. I always have. I’m good at it. The planning. The experience. Meeting new friends. Taking pictures. Trying new food. Learning about a country and it’s culture. Adventure. I love the thrill of waking up in a new city just waiting to be discovered. I’ve always wanted to take a year off and travel, but it seems like a month is usually what I have time for.

Francois and I are heading out to Delhi and Kolkata, India, Bhutan, Bangkok and Siem Reap in Cambodia for the next month.  One month is not a lot of time.  This blog will be an example of what can be seen in a month’s time.

Around the World in 30 days.

Stay tuned.