I love mushrooms, cultivated or wild. I love their earthy flavors especially this time of the year when the weather turns cool.

We were fascinated by the cigarette packaging in Thailand.

Our adventure in through India, Bhutan, Thailand and Cambodia

After a couple of days we became more and more intrigued with our neighbor. He seemed to work all of the time at his desk. Day and night. No matter how early we left for the temples or how late we came home from dinner, he was still at work.

I've had a little Thai massage before in Tucson, usually in combination with a manual lymph drainage massage, but never for a full hour. It was wonderful.

Bhutanese make special biscuits of fried dough in special shapes called Khabzey for this festival.

We would have a free day in between. What would we do?

o when we passed by a stand selling apples on the road to Trongsa, we took some photos and decided to buy a bag.

We saw the movie Travellers and Magicians, entirely filmed in Bhutan, at the Chicago Film Festival in 2003.

Francois and I excitedly shot pictures from the car windows when Ifte said "Long live point and shoot."

The Bhutan national dish is called "Ema Datse", which is chilies and cheese made with green, and sometimes red chilies, always hot, with finely minced onion, garlic, tomatoes and cheese served as a vegetable, not as a condiment.